vendredi 18 septembre 2020

It's been too long since Autistic Campaign hasn't put out any new tapes //

Which is why I'm even more excited to announce the release of 5 new cassette sets (each one limited to 50 copies) !

A few copies will be available at the next Autistic Campaign Fest (edition "5 ?") : October 01-03, 2020 !

Offcial release on October the 17th !!!!!

All five can already be listened to from our bandcamp page ! (oh yeah... : there's a bandcamp now !)

Here's the line up :
AC15 PAUL GRÉMARE "Archélogie(s)"
AC38 TERESA RIEMANN "Trébuchement Persistant"
AC43 BCG "Bocage"

More infos VERY soon !

mardi 9 octobre 2018

[experimental music / electronic / free / noise & co.]
18-20 octobre 2018

// in Rouen, France //

Pass 3 jours : 13€

Nombre de pass limité, dispos en vente sur les lieux de concerts

Programmation :

Jeudi 18 octobre 2018

// 19h - 22h //
Lieu Secret [Rouen]
p.a.f. soirée : 3€ // (pass 3 jours : voir plus haut)


- TINY TRAMP (Israël)


Vendredi 19 octobre 2018

// 20h - 01h //
Emporium Galorium [151 rue Beauvoisine, 76000 Rouen]
p.a.f. soirée : 6€ // (pass 3 jours : voir plus haut)

- TG GONDARD (Bruxelles, BE)

- RATCHARMER (Cherbourg)

- 15% CHAUVE (Lille / Tournai, BE)

- SUZE (Bruxelles, BE)

- NON_SELF (Rouen)

- A.S.P.E (Rouen)

Samedi 20 octobre 2018

// 20h30 - 02h //
La Conjuration Des Fourneaux [149 Rue Saint-Hilaire, 76000 Rouen]
p.a.f. soirée : 7€ // (pass 3 jours : voir plus haut)


- NOIJZU (Bern, Suisse)

- GRIFU (Caen / Paris)



- OFFICINE (Paris)

- M&OGS (Rouen)

- FLEURET (Le Havre)

lundi 9 octobre 2017

[experimental music / electronic / free / noise & co.]
12-14 octobre 2017

Pass 3 jours : 14€

Nombre de pass limité, dispos en vente sur les lieux de concerts // réservation possible par mail ici :

Programmation :

Jeudi 12 octobre 2017


// à partir de 18h // _ exposition + concerts
Full B1 [4 rue Beffroy, 76000 Rouen]
Entrée libre

Exposition :

HENDRIK HEGRAY (video / Nazi Knife - Paris)
BORIS DÉTRAZ (dessin / Chambre Charbon - Nantes)
JULIEN BRUNET (vidéo / Echec Scolaire - Rouen) // + musique : Bertrand Gruchy
JEAN-BAPTISTE LÉVÊQUE (collage xerox / Zugzwang Press - Angers)
BLAME201 (collage / Teenage Paranoids - Rouen)

Concerts :

- SXSXSXSX (Nundata + Blame201 - Belgrade, Serbie / Rouen)

- HENDIADYS (Angers / Rennes)


// 19h - 22h //
De Bruit Et D'Encre [94 rue Beauvoisine, 76000 Rouen]
p.a.f. soirée : 4€ // (pass 3 jours : voir plus haut)

- FOLLE EGLISE (Chicaloyoh + Cheval Scintillantes – Nantes / Cherbourg)

- DARFOUR (Montréal / Paris / Le Havre)


Vendredi 13 octobre 2017


// 19h30-1h //
Le 3 Pièces [49 Place du Général De Gaulle, 76000 Rouen]
p.a.f. soirée : 6€ // (pass 3 jours : voir plus haut)


- NW "812 mhz" (aka WILLIAM NURDIN - Nancy)

- ERIK MINKKINEN (Périers-sur-Auge / Paris)

- CIRCUIT TORDU (Toys'R'Noise - Lille)




- UBXXX (Caen)

Samedi 14 octobre 2017


// 19h-2h //
L'Oreille Qui Traîne / MJC Rive Gauche (Place des Faïenciers, 76100 Rouen)
p.a.f. soirée : 8€ // (pass 3 jours : voir plus haut)

- NUNDATA (Belgrade, Serbie)

- VOMIR (Paris)

- FRGTTN (SfS + City Dragon - Vancouver / Paris)

- PGR (Italie / Norvège)

- VVANYA SAMOKRUTKIN (aka Systemnapotvora - Odessa, Ukraine / Bezons, Fr)

- S T Ø J (Le Mans)

- OPAL SWORD (Rouen)

- ME DONNER (nuke - Amiens)


- WAV2 (Nantes)

- HALLEY (Rouen)

mardi 1 décembre 2015

        Co-released with Zugzwang Press

cassette, limited to 40 copies

Tracklist :
A. PRAIRIE-LITIÈRE - Untitled   [20:55]
B. HENDIADYS - XI   [28:26]

Split release from those two French duets. PRAIRIE-LITIÈRE on side A : experimental noise with industrial aspects including some repetitive beat elements, creating a collection of much varied dynamics coexisting in one same track. On side B, HENDIADYS (an experimental side-project by two members from furious sludge/noise band FANGE) delivers a profound and subtle live session of contemplative drone soundscapes, working both with DIY analog gear and electronic devices.
Cassette comes in a handmade packaging on 160g colored paper. Lettering and outside/inside collage artworks were made by Jean-Baptiste Lévêque of HENDIADYS, using found images and xerox manipulations only, no digital processing involved.

Sound sample :
Listen to the complete release on Zugzwang Press bandcamp page, HERE.


lundi 17 août 2015


CDr, limited to 30 copies

Tracklist :

1. #0011   [1:00]
2. Untitled   [3:31]
3. Untitled   [16:17]
4. #0017   [0:59]
5. Untitled   [3:48]
6. Untitled   [10:09]
7. Untitled   [2:49]
8. #0015   [0:28]
9. #0003   [1:02]
10. Untitled   [2:37]
11. Untitled   [6:21]
12. Veto   [6:49]
13. Manifesto Part 2 - Field#1   [16:24]

BÛCHER DOUBLE is a new French collective of total free-noise and experimental improv. The constituent line-up can be different from one release to another, as it is on this CDR from one track to another : some pieces are solo experiments, while the others present different combinations of perpetrators, including members from bands like Valeskja Valcav, Prairie-Litière, YkG or Shinjuku Ni-Chome. The sonic array that is covered on "Veto" is quite large, going from bizzarely beat-oriented industrial electronics to minimal noise eccentricities, tape manipulations, placid drones, or even raw field recording (the last 16 minutes track of this release).
Disc comes in a dvd case with pro-printed inlay and several graphic inserts.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
Europe : 6€ / Anywhere else : 7€

Contact / Paypal :
              "Highway Of Tears"

cassette, limited to 50 copies

Tracklist :

A. The Suffering Of Strangers   [14:51]
B. The Agony Of Friends   [14:17]

Known as one of the masters of HNW, "Highway Of Tears" is a new release by the highly prolific alias of Serbian noise-maker Aleksandar Nenad. The sonic result is two slices of brutally thick and unforgiving static noise. DEAD BODY COLLECTION has experimented a lot with Noise Wall textures, and those two tracks here offer some smothering bass and noise strata of serious intensity.
Comes with j-card inlay and an insert, plus an extra cover picture of an eyes-crossed woman face, printed on tracing paper. There are five different versions of those tracing paper images, so 10 copies of each variation.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 5€ / Europe : 6€ / Anywhere else : 7€

Contact / Paypal :

mercredi 25 février 2015

              "The Touch Of Her Flesh"

cassette, limited to 40 copies

Tracklist :

A. Rugged And Rough   [22:53]
B. Fast Paced Thrills   [19:50]

One of the latest monikers of Noise Wall activist Julien Skrobek. For the past few years, frenchman Skrobek has made himself some recognition in the static noise tumult with his numerous projects (GHOST, RUINE plus many others) and handful of labels, among which the now defunct Slow Death Records imprint. Material on this cassette here is based on "The Touch Of Her Flesh", a sexploitation movie from 1967 - also one of the first film to combine thrilling horror and graphic sex, therefore anticipating the Slasher genre. Each track opens with a sample from the film, before bursting to some sharp noise minimalism.
Black cassette, comes with pro-printed j-card and an extra one-fold insert.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 5€ / Europe : 6€ / Anywhere else : 7€

Contact / Paypal :

cassette, limited to 50 copies

Tracklist :
A. RAVEN - Harshbringer   [20:29]
B. ASTRO - Kiyoshima Apartment   [19:41]

RAVEN comes back to autistic campaign. This time, prolific Serbian noise-maker gets a split release with ASTRO, now a duet unit, originaly the project of japanoise veteran Hiroshi Hasegawa (former member of legendary act C.C.C.C.). Each project presents its own take on a jarring Harsh-Noise mix, head-on brutal static sound pollution for RAVEN, teeming with synth-like waves and noises in the case of ASTRO's track.
Cassette comes with j-card inlay and three inserts, including two prints on tracing paper to be used as front cover, so you can just choose the one you like the most.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 5€ / Europe : 6€ / Anywhere else : 7€

Contact / Paypal :
            FatOldFingers / H2óu̯ish1ék̂u̯ōs-kʷe

cassette, limited to 50 copies

Tracklist :
A1. ANTISOCIAL BLOCK - The Filth Process   [10:00]

A2. S.B.R. - Amnesophobia [9:57]
B1. FatOlfFingers - God, Groenten En Neuken   [6:02]
H2óu̯ish1ék̂u̯ōs-kʷe - [#U0288']   [3:01]
H2óu̯ish1ék̂u̯ōs-kʷe - [t']   [1:45]
H2óu̯ish1ék̂u̯ōs-kʷe - [x']   [5:04]

Here's a nice four-way split tape exploring a diverse range of Noise impulses. First artist is ANTISOCIAL BLOCK, aka from Marko Jovic, who is also known for his XTEMATIC experimental/industrial moniker (that also released an exclusive CDr earlier on Autistic Campaign). ANTISOCIAL BLOCK works with varied Noise-Wall material, slowly moving from very quiet dynamic to loud static noise slots. Next is S.B.R., from Bulgarian musician Nikolay Mitev, also founder of the underground label Abandonment, with a track between massive Harsh-Noise and full-on lo-fi HNW. Switching to side B, hostilities begin with FatOldFingers delivering some Power-Electronics made out of dirty bass frequencies and infested vocals in the distance, before H2óu̯ish1ék̂u̯ōs-kʷe takes over. H2óu̯ish1ék̂u̯ōs-kʷe is an unpronounceable title of productive musician Patrick Harsh from Detroit, US. Mostly known for founding RedSK, this rather new alias works with (in the noise-maker's own words) crazy cut-up of "glottalic noise/ejective harsh/shit collage/concrete punk" material. Be sure to check this intense noize-heads collection on tape. 
Black cassette shell is spray-painted, and comes with a one-fold cover inlay of a nice black&white collage artwork by S.B.R., plus a small j-card insert.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 5€ / Europe : 6€ / Anywhere else : 7€

Contact / Paypal :

              "Sans / Ni"

cassette, limited to 25 copies

Tracklist :
A. Sans   [9:14]
B. Ni   [9:24]

Based in Rouen, France, TROU is the minimalistic noise project from the guy behing the Ciel Bleu Et Petits Oiseaux Records label. Through a collection of mostly self-released tapes, TROU has been delivering obsessive and absolute static buzzing drone works. The often unchanging and monolithic aspect of TROU's releases let one surmises that Harsh Noise Wall goes amongst the likes of the Frenchman, while the sonic material itself has more to do with monolithic synth waves. On this new tape here, TROU offers what can be considered as one track divided in two static sides, as the second track of the cassette, called "Ni", is a variated continuation of the first side and track "Sans".
Comes in black shell with colour j-card layout, and one insert. Cassette also has "Sans" and "Ni" hand carved on each corresponding side.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 5€ / Europe : 6€ / Anywhere Else : 7€

Contact / Paypal :

cassette, limited to 40 copies

Tracklist :
A1. LIGHT COLLAPSE - 1s0t3o0n8e5s6   [10:00]
A2. LIGHT COLLAPSE - Movement Of The Higher Sphere   [18:33]

B. LOGICAL FIEND - The Unspeakable Lateness   [29:39]

Russia/France split tape from two HNW projects. On side A, LIGHT COLLAPSE delivers two slices of dense and evocative static sound : one a thick entanglement of low-end noise layers ; the other a swarming and in a certain way watery piece that feels like capturing the sound of the bottom of a river, stones bumping into one another as a violent stream carries them (my own opinion of course, you tell me if you hear that too). LIGHT COLLAPSE is the main sound moniker of russian artist Vitaly Malkakov, who's also behind projects Obdozdur and Kromeshna, as well as great and fertile labels Torga Amun and Heart Shaped Box Prod. On side B, LOGICAL FIEND offers up an half-hour single track of slowly-changing Noise-Wall dynamics going from full-on harsh matter to more gritty and ambient textures.
Cassette comes in standard jewel case with one-fold full-colour sleeve art, plus an insert.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 5€ / Europe : 6€ / Anywhere Else : 7€

Contact / Paypal :

It's been too long since Autistic Campaign hasn't put out any new tapes // Which is why I'm even more excited to announce the re...