mercredi 27 juin 2012

              "Commingled Containers"

      Co-released with Ikebukuro Dada

3 x cassette, limited to 20 copies

Tracklist :
A1. Panic Soak Proclivities   [4:34]
A2. Yucca Flats   [3:08]
B. Dandanko   [9:49]
C. Meat Love (Part 1)   [9:32]
D. Meat Love (Part 2)   [9:17]
E. Aire-Sud De Rosny (Part 1)   [8:20]
F. Aire-Sud De Rosny (Part 2)   [8:29]

First release from this collaboration unit between Rotkappchen (also owner of the Ikebukuro Dada label) and one half of Prairie-Litière (the one running the autistic campaign label you're having a look at). One cassette supplies monolithic drone/harsh-noise ; the other two are more chaotic, dealing with massive guitar-made noise & oscillation mayhem. Three cassettes held in white vinyl album.

Soud sample :
AC07_ COMMINGLED CONTAINERS "Commingled Containers" - A2. Yucca Flats by autistic campaign

 (Try Ikebukuro Dada)

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