lundi 29 juillet 2013


      Co-released with AnarchoFreaksProduction / Ikebukuro Dada / Rohs Prod. / Underground Pollution Records

Vinyl LP, edition of 300 copies

Tracklist :
A. K2 - Medel Merq Mehre   [23:28]
B. HAKOBUNE - Hange-Ame   [20:36]

Autistic Campaign is proud to have participated and now to present this French co-production for two Japanese artist. On side A, junk-noise legend K2 (aka Kimihide Kusafuka) offers a chaotic composition of harsh electronics and screeching hi-pitch noises, over some weird and disparate melodies. On side B is HAKOBUNE, the ambient project of Takahiro Yorifuji, with a dense and very meditative piece made out of layers of distant windy sounds and rumbling soundscapes, overlapping one another.
One artwork cover per project (K2 cover art by Ikebukuro Dada ; HAKOBUNE's by Autistic Campaign) , plus insert by Underground Pollution Records.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 10€ / Europe : 12€ / Anywhere else : 14€

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