dimanche 14 octobre 2012

              "Bedroom Enlightenment"

Cassette, edition of 14 copies

Tracklist :
A1. Loner Desk With Electric Garland   [17:23]
A2. Floor Hygiene   [5:28]
B. Paying Homage To The Plastic Monster   [22:33]

Finally available, after one hell of a delay. Three Wall Noise slices from Logical Fiend. This release has a peculiar "spacey" touch to it (to my hears anyway...). Side A consists of two tracks, one long grinding shot of plumpy high-end distortion, and a shorter rumbling wall. Side B is a 20+ minutes track, documenting the last rattle of a dying radio wave (now passed away for good) resulting in a static block of electric gargles. Recorded in an enlightened bedroom on may 2012.

Sound Sample :
AC02_ LOGICAL FIEND "Bedroom Enlightenment" - 1. Loner Desk With Electric Garland [excerpt] by autistic campaign


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