mardi 27 novembre 2012


Mini-CDr + Cassette boxset, edition of 15 copies

Tracklist :
1. If You Only Knew   [12:07]
A. Where I Belong   [12:20]

Autistic Campaign is beyond pleased to release this boxset from Small Hours, one of the main projects of UK noise-maker James Killick, who also is the currator of the great Vagary Records imprint. This time he offers up a tribute to american singer and actress Julianne Hough, structured in two Wall-Noise tracks of different yet complementary dynamics. First one is rumbling Ambient-Noise-Wall focused on sub-harmonics and bass frequencies, and is contained on a 3"CDr. Second track is Harsh-Noise-Wall shifting from straight static to crackling heaviness, included on a single-sided cassette. All is enclosed in a sturdy cardboard box, plus a couple of inserts. Cassette is nested in a good chunk of slightly drip/spray-painted generic foam, while CDr is attached to a piece of light foamboard with pictures of miss Hough's blond candor. Material recorded October 2012.


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