mardi 4 décembre 2012

              Untitled collaboration

2 x CDr (+ Anti-record LP), edition of 20 copies

Tracklist :
1-1. Untitled   [18:23]
1-2. Untitled   [18:45]
1-3. Untitled   [18:07]
2-1. Untitled   [11:35]
2-2. Untitled   [19:50]
2-3. Untitled   [9:08]
2-4. Untitled   [20:10]

Exclusive collaboration release between Prairie-Litière and drummer/visual artist Samuel AntoninThe three performers offer live improvisations recorded over october/november 2012, divided here on two CDrs loaded with material : chaotic rythms & free-drumming, scraping electronics, distorted feedback parasites, distant ambient loops, heavy drone, and more crawling quirkiness.
CDrs are attached to a recycled vinyl sleeve, fastened on edges with black electric tape. Each copy has unique hand-made artwork that consists of destroyed original cover, plus a pasted-on layout picture. Also included is a spray-painted Anti-record LP, hand-carved writings on one side, a printed photo taped on the other one.
Detailed picture of each cover can be checked HERE.

Sound samples :


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