mercredi 20 août 2014

              "Sensory Oversimulation"

cassette, limited to 50 copies

Tracklist :

A1. Belfort + Besançon   [9:07]
A2. Bruitisme   [7:32]
B1. Bigz   [8:33]
B2. Noisefest   [8:50]

NUNDATA is Srdjan Eftimovski, dedicated and prolific harsh-noisehead from Serbia. 
This release collects great live material, all recorded on tape by NUNDATA himself, including a show offered at the first Bruitisme festival, and participation from the 2013 edition of Ljubljana noisefest. Expect a dense noise matter of crazy harsh and exploding electronics ! 
Black cassette shell with stricker, comes with j-card colour artwork and an extra black&white picture printed on tracing paper.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 4€ / Europe : 5€ / Anywhere else : 6€

Contact / Paypal :

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