mercredi 20 août 2014

              "Lana / You're All I Ever Wanted"

CDr, limited to 40 copies

Tracklist :
1. THE SLEEPING QUARTER - Lana   [31:22]
2. CARRIE - You're All I Ever Wanted   [16:37]
3. CARRIE - I'm Tired Of Spending All My Time Alone   [16:20]
4. CARRIE - You're All I Ever Wanted (Eternally Hollow Remix by Cory Strand)   [12:05]

Two projects from the U.K., offering subtle, crackly & focused, female singer-themed noise-wall !
First, there's THE SLEEPING QUARTER returning to autistic campaign. For this split CDr, he created a piece dedicated to popular American singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey. The track begins, and you can hear the distant noisy ghost of a Del Rey's song turning at some point to a powerful yet sharp mass of sizzles and saturated hiss.
Then you have CARRIE, aka James Killick (LOVE KATY, SMALL HOURS, Vagary Recors). With this one moniker, Killick puts together nice HNW serenades for U.S. singer/actress miss Carrie Underwood, 
The last track of this release is one of CARRIE's track remixed/reworked by Cory Strand, sonic artist from the U.S., who's also known as the currator of the great label Altar Of Waste.
CDr comes in a DVD case with full-colour artwork, plus an info insert on thick paper and two extra / over-xeroxed pics of Del Rey and Underwood included in a ziplock bag.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 4€ / Europe : 5€ / Anywhere else : 6€

Contact / Paypal :

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