jeudi 21 août 2014

              "Rvines / Prairie-Litière"

        Co-released with Emergence Records

CDr, reissue, limited to 100 copies

Tracklist :
1. RVINES + PRR-LTR - Black Tar   [4:57]
2. RVINES - Void Reich   [2:13]
3. PRR-LTR - Padded Disease   [4:58]
4. RVINES - The Mark On Your Arm   [1:25]
5. RVINES + PRR-LTR - Glory Be To Nothing   [11:04]
6. RVINES + PRR-LTR - Total War   [6:02]

Single CDr reissue of a boxset released by same both labels (autistic campaign and Emergence Records) on december 2013 that was mostly available at shows, and went sold out quite quickly. 
The sound content is the collaboration between two french bands : filthy/crusty hardcore from RVINES, and a screeching & experimental harsh-noise from duet PRAIRIE-LITIÈRE. Quite a meeting !
For this new edition, tracklist order has been redone, and CDr comes with one info insert, all enclosed in a black DVD case with colour artwork.
If you've missed the first edition of this great material, grab one copy of its reissue while it is available !

Sound sample :

The whole album (minus PRAIRIE-LITIÈRE - Padded Disease track) can be listened to from RVINES Bandcamp page HERE.

Price (postpaid) :
Europe : 4€ / Anywhere else : 5€

Contact / Paypal :

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