mercredi 25 février 2015

              "Sans / Ni"

cassette, limited to 25 copies

Tracklist :
A. Sans   [9:14]
B. Ni   [9:24]

Based in Rouen, France, TROU is the minimalistic noise project from the guy behing the Ciel Bleu Et Petits Oiseaux Records label. Through a collection of mostly self-released tapes, TROU has been delivering obsessive and absolute static buzzing drone works. The often unchanging and monolithic aspect of TROU's releases let one surmises that Harsh Noise Wall goes amongst the likes of the Frenchman, while the sonic material itself has more to do with monolithic synth waves. On this new tape here, TROU offers what can be considered as one track divided in two static sides, as the second track of the cassette, called "Ni", is a variated continuation of the first side and track "Sans".
Comes in black shell with colour j-card layout, and one insert. Cassette also has "Sans" and "Ni" hand carved on each corresponding side.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 5€ / Europe : 6€ / Anywhere Else : 7€

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