mercredi 25 février 2015


cassette, limited to 50 copies

Tracklist :
A. RAVEN - Harshbringer   [20:29]
B. ASTRO - Kiyoshima Apartment   [19:41]

RAVEN comes back to autistic campaign. This time, prolific Serbian noise-maker gets a split release with ASTRO, now a duet unit, originaly the project of japanoise veteran Hiroshi Hasegawa (former member of legendary act C.C.C.C.). Each project presents its own take on a jarring Harsh-Noise mix, head-on brutal static sound pollution for RAVEN, teeming with synth-like waves and noises in the case of ASTRO's track.
Cassette comes with j-card inlay and three inserts, including two prints on tracing paper to be used as front cover, so you can just choose the one you like the most.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 5€ / Europe : 6€ / Anywhere else : 7€

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