mercredi 25 février 2015

            FatOldFingers / H2óu̯ish1ék̂u̯ōs-kʷe

cassette, limited to 50 copies

Tracklist :
A1. ANTISOCIAL BLOCK - The Filth Process   [10:00]

A2. S.B.R. - Amnesophobia [9:57]
B1. FatOlfFingers - God, Groenten En Neuken   [6:02]
H2óu̯ish1ék̂u̯ōs-kʷe - [#U0288']   [3:01]
H2óu̯ish1ék̂u̯ōs-kʷe - [t']   [1:45]
H2óu̯ish1ék̂u̯ōs-kʷe - [x']   [5:04]

Here's a nice four-way split tape exploring a diverse range of Noise impulses. First artist is ANTISOCIAL BLOCK, aka from Marko Jovic, who is also known for his XTEMATIC experimental/industrial moniker (that also released an exclusive CDr earlier on Autistic Campaign). ANTISOCIAL BLOCK works with varied Noise-Wall material, slowly moving from very quiet dynamic to loud static noise slots. Next is S.B.R., from Bulgarian musician Nikolay Mitev, also founder of the underground label Abandonment, with a track between massive Harsh-Noise and full-on lo-fi HNW. Switching to side B, hostilities begin with FatOldFingers delivering some Power-Electronics made out of dirty bass frequencies and infested vocals in the distance, before H2óu̯ish1ék̂u̯ōs-kʷe takes over. H2óu̯ish1ék̂u̯ōs-kʷe is an unpronounceable title of productive musician Patrick Harsh from Detroit, US. Mostly known for founding RedSK, this rather new alias works with (in the noise-maker's own words) crazy cut-up of "glottalic noise/ejective harsh/shit collage/concrete punk" material. Be sure to check this intense noize-heads collection on tape. 
Black cassette shell is spray-painted, and comes with a one-fold cover inlay of a nice black&white collage artwork by S.B.R., plus a small j-card insert.

Sound sample :

Price (postpaid) :
France : 5€ / Europe : 6€ / Anywhere else : 7€

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